"Since I’ve been involved in Mesesso, I have met many living saints in Ethiopia and America. It is amazing to me that once you have the opportunity to truly know the people you are helping, and they touch your heart, your life is changed forever."

- Rod Boone, Founder, Mesesso Foundation

Your Contribution

May Support a Child

Amakan - Child Sponsorship: $300 per year
Provides a vulnerable and disadvantaged child with tuition at a private school for one year and two new uniforms, school supplies, two new pairs of shoes, a backpack and lunchbox. We believe it is important that the children have everything they need for the first day of school. Access to healthcare is provided by funding visits to local existing clinics.

May Support a Family

Betasab - Family Sponsorship: $2,500 per year
Provides the benefits of a Child Sponsorship for eight children which will support the siblings from a small number of families so brothers and sisters in the same family will have access to education and attend the same school.

May Support Hundreds

Mesesso Microbank Investor: $10,000
Will fund the startup of a local or regional Savings and Credit program that will serve the families of the Mesesso sponsored children. This funding will allow access to financial services that would otherwise be denied to the families because of high interest rates and the requirement for collateral.  Funding will support seed capital for individual loans (loan startup), printing of membership passbooks and ledgers, safe deposit boxes, and stationery. This size loan can create an income or enhance the income of as many as 150 women, which can have a ripple effect benefitting approximately 700 family members.

May Be Undesignated

Every dollar of your contribution will be used where it is most needed. Many of our contributors ask about additional building or infrastructure projects to benefit the larger community where the children live and attend school. Please contact us if you would like additional information regarding investment and the number of people that would be served by the project. Project examples include:
Construction of school or community library: $5,000
- Benefit 500 to 1,000 children
Children's playground and sports equipment: $2,500
- Benefit 1,000 children
Construction of rural school in remote areas: $20,000
- Benefit 200 rural children
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Mesesso Foundation is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization
Mesesso Foundation Non Profit Organization