The Mesesso Foundation starts with a sponsorship for vulnerable and disadvantaged children in Ethiopia for education and access to healthcare. We further invest in the overall well-being of the sponsored children and their families through microfinance programs and skill training that help them create a viable present and a sustainable future.

“Mesesso” is the Ethiopian word for the center post or main support in a house. We view the family as the Mesesso of a child’s life. Our Vision is to build and strengthen the Mesesso in the lives of vulnerable children in Ethiopia through their education and improved economic livelihood for their families. We view the needs of the family through the needs of a child.

Our vision is to create global awareness of the needs, beauty and pride of the Ethiopian people. We invest in their future by supporting the vulnerable children, providing education and the “next step”of college, vocational school or private business. We invest in their current life by supporting their families.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has."

- Margaret Mead, noted cultural anthropologist

That statement has become a rallying cry for good hearted people, the world over, who respond to something they detect deep within themselves. That discovery can happen any time.

"I had never been to Africa and went on a whim on a humanitarian tour. The second I met the first Ethiopian child, I was astounded by her grace and joy in an environment where simple things like water, food, clothing and safety are not givens. I had never been exposed to anything like it. With each passing day, I had this intense feeling of joy, and frankly experienced a spiritual epiphany. I began to see God in the eyes of the children of Ethiopia."

- Rod Boone, Founder, Mesesso Foundation

For any of us, for each of us, there is a similar personal journey waiting.

Mesesso starts with a child…a child that needs our help to survive and to thrive.

We know that child, we know her family, we have been to her home, and what we discover is that a little goes a long way.

That is what makes our effort the meaningful, heart-touching experience that it is. We invite you to become part of it. We want donors who will know the children as we do and stay in touch with them. We want donors who require progress. We want donors who care about where their money goes. It takes only five days to wire money to Africa, where one of our board members, a local Ethiopian, disperses the funds directly. We base our intervention strategy on the simplicity of our giving…from one hand in America to one hand in Ethiopia.

"What I desire is the presence of the donor, for him to touch those to whom he gives, for him to smile at him, to pay attention to them."

- Mother Theresa

Mesesso Foundation - Educating Children of Ethiopia